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The Alzheimer’s Show in partnership with a variety of charities and organisations in the dementia field, has developed a digital hub which can be accessed at:

There are a series of free webinars available that are very easy to register for and include the following:

· Your Guide To Dementia: How To Stay at Home With The Right Dementia Care-Thurs 30th July, 11am-11:45am

· Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease-Understanding How This May Be Possible Through The Introduction of New Medications-Thurs 6th August, 11am-12pm

· Out and About With Dementia Adventure,-Thurs 13th August, 11am-12pm

· Legal Considerations When Diagnosed With Dementia-Thurs 20th August, 11am-12pm

· Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia-Weds 26th August, 11am-12pm.

There are also a variety of Free Digital Guides on the website, including:

· Making a person with dementia safe at home

· How to find financial help and support as a carer

· The benefits of exercise

· Improving your relationship (with a person living with dementia)

· Improving the eating habits of a person with dementia

· Coping with Challenging Behaviour

· Choosing The Right Care Home

· 20 Things Every Dementia Carer Should Know

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