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Art in the Community

7RR had a zoom call today with Gem Smith from Take a Part (CiC) and Chloe Jones from the Four Green Community Trust. Take a Part is a group who works with schools and communities to develop art works that will benefit both parties. The group has been allocated £1,000 and students are able to work with an artist for five sessions over a period. 7RR have been looking at their local community and they discussed a few ideas. Such as a litter pick leading to a litter sculpture piece, at the green or sited at 4 Greens? A campaign around litter- signs/a poem/chant/song .A film about littering and keeping our community clean. Planting in the garden at 4 Greens. A mural in the garden at 4 Greens. SLOTHS (!) Watch this space!!

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