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Arts and RE Day at Brook Green

The theme of the day was Hopes and Dreams. The first lesson started with an exploration of the student’s hopes and dreams, then for the for their families and then for the world.

In art, students looked at the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. The story ended with the people of the village lighting diyas to help Rama and Sita find their way home. Year 7 and 9 made paper bowls out of coloured tissue paper, pva glue and balloons. Students wrote a sentence expressing their hopes on to the bowl. Once dried, we placed LED tealights in them.

Food Technology

In food tech, students focused on food waste and hopes for a more sustainable future.  They made savoury bread and bread and butter pudding out of food that might otherwise have been wasted. Year 7 and 10 were amazing and the food was delicious.


During their music sessions, students explored the appearance of hope and dreams in reggae music and how the music was influenced by historical events. The main topic was to show how fighting for freedom and equality was embedded into the world of music with an extraordinary impact on the human rights movement. 

Students researched variety of synonyms for the word 'hope' and talked about their own hopes and dreams. After collecting variety of words and short sentences each group took part in a song writing and music performance workshop.  

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