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Brook Green’s Patriot’s star

Updated: Jun 17

Brook Green’s Patriot’s star

Charlie attended a Patriots session within school and found a love for the sport. He was then sign posted to a JBL session where Charlie attended weekly. He grew massively in confidence and started to make some friends outside of schools. His skills and understanding of the game grew substantially. Charlies' appetite to play competitive basketball grew and he then attended the clubs' trials where he was successfully selected to represent the club in the U14s team.

Charlie was a key player for the 14s 2 team and became a leader for the team in how he conducted himself and performed. Charlie is currently going through the trial process again to play for the U16s. He has successfully made it through stage 1 of the trial and will be waiting to hear back about stage 2 by the end of the week.

We as a club are hugely proud of Charlie and his commitment to the sport. He is a true testament to if you put your mind to something, anything is possible. Charlie is proof that anyone can achieve anything.

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