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Contact with employers continues in a COVID safe way

Even in the new and interesting times that we are living in we are attempting to run business as usual, this includes giving the students the opportunity to meet business owners and managers in areas of work that they are interested in.

The influence of Brook Green runs far and wide and we are very fortunate to have the support of the manager of Clip ‘n’ Climb, Plymouth Mr. Tom Cooper. It is essential to the development of our students to understand that the learning that they are doing in their classrooms can be used in a wide variety of jobs that they aspire to in the future. This is why we make opportunities for our students to see and then believe that they can achieve and gain employment.

Mr. Cooper came to Brook Green and talked to a variety of students from year 7 to year 11 about what it is like to work in the sport and leisure business and his experience of being the manager of Clip ‘n’ Climb. It was very interesting to see the expressions on the students faces, especially when Mr. Cooper told them that he also had to learn how to make cappuccinos and lattes.

In total Mr. Cooper spoke to 13 students over two days in a socially distanced environment.

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