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COVID-19 Resource Pack for Children, Young People and their Families

Contents: 1. Resources about COVID-19 and emotional wellbeing online to read and watch (page 2) · Resources for Adolescents/Parents · Resources suitable for children & young people · Resources for families · Resources for carers & parent carers 2. The Great Indoors (page 7) · A variety of online activities for children and young people. 3. Alternative Mental Health Support (page 9) · Numbers to call/text and online support NB: These resources are not a substitute for professional mental health treatment or professional advice/support in a mental health crisis. They relate to managing emotional-wellbeing, relationships and lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 outbreak and are not a medical resource regarding the virus. The original sources cited have not been written or published by Oxleas Trust, so may not wholly represent the views of Oxleas CAMHS, particularly if added to at a later date. Make sure to gain permission from a parent or guardian before accessing sites or joining groups. 1. Resources online to read and watch RESOURCES FOR ADOLESCENTS/PARENTS: NHS up to date COVID-19 advice. Young Minds: Very useful resource covering a lot of helpful topics to do with coronavirus. These include; self-isolating, current factual knowledge, sharing their feelings, acknowledging and limiting news, feeling calm, maintaining a routine, helplines, advice for parents and normalising anxiety. BBC News: How to Protect your Mental Health – Limiting news, breaks from social media, washing hands but not excessively and staying connected with people. Plus avoiding burnout with access to nature, exercising and using the 5 STEP ‘APPLE’ TECHNIQUE. Mind: Helpful tips to support your psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak. The information provides ways to manage feelings of anxiety around coronavirus and support for coping with social distancing and self-isolating. There are a lot of tips for staying at home or indoors and taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, including keeping active, getting sunlight, finding ways to relax and be creative, and managing when difficult feelings arise. A checklist is included to help you prepare for staying at home. Managing our Mental Health & Staying Well during a Virus Outbreak: 10-page COVID-19 booklet with advice for maintaining mental wellbeing, how to manage anxiety/uncertainty, tips on taking a break from the news and overcoming loneliness. NB: originally written for people living in Hong Kong and includes some advice regarding going to the gym which is incorrect for the UK. Let’s talk about CBT: Coping with anxiety about coronavirus – single episode of online podcast, what can we learn from CBT for health anxiety that might help us with feelings of anxiety during the pandemic? Dr Lucy Maddox interviews Dr Jo Daniels from Bath University, about things we know are likely to help. CDC: Information about coronavirus including; coping with stress, useful crisis numbers, how the virus spreads, handwashing, how to protect yourself, testing, symptoms and reducing stigma.

MHA national: Living with mental illness during COVID-19 – How to notice signs of a panic attack, explains what a panic attack is and why it might occur, and includes a screening tool for checking yourself and family members for panic disorder. MHA national: Tips on managing medication access during COVID-19. CAMH: Covers how to challenge worries and anxious thoughts, loneliness and dealing with problems in a structured way. RESOURCES SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE Cartoon video for children on coronavirus; Explaining COVID-19, how to prevent spread, how to manage their fear, which news sources to trust and discouraging discrimination. BBC Newsround: Page dedicated to coronavirus especially for children and young people, answering questions and providing up to date accurate information. Includes an article on how kids can play Pokémon Go at home. MindHeart COVIBOOK: Supporting and reassuring children around the world (available in multiple languages) - Explains coronavirus for children, touching on feelings and how to prevent spread. Children’s online books on coronavirus and handwashing. The Autism Educator: children’s book on coronavirus. This social story is designed for children and young people to explain what coronavirus is. The symptoms of coronavirus and importance of hand washing are covered. The story explains the implications for children, with regards to schools closing, staying at home and not being unable to visit some of their favourite places. The-Autism-Educator-.pdf Sunshine-support: COVID-19 SEND specific downloads on this page. A short mindfulness video for young children to support them to engage in breathing exercises, visualisation, and connect with their different feelings.

A short mindfulness video for kids. In this episode of Cosmic Kids Zen Den I explain in a kid-friendly way that we are separate from our feelings. They come ... RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES Emerging Minds: Supporting children during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – information on how to talk to children about COVID-19, helping children cope with stress, stress relief for parents and parent-child play (see power of play podcast also for this). outbreak/ The Guardian - The family lockdown guide: how to emotionally prepare for coronavirus quarantine. - what can families expect and how can they survive not only the virus, but each other? Tips and guide to maintain family structure, provide space, remain active and reduce likelihood of tension during quarantine. emotionally-prepare-for-coronavirus-quarantine Emerging Minds: The power of play podcast - introduces the concept of child-led play and talks about the importance of play for child social and emotional wellbeing. Young Minds: Ten tips from parent helpline on how to talk to your children about coronavirus. Article from Audible stating that they have made several children’s books free. Includes link on how to access. 402027 E-bug – information on coronavirus and resources for home schooling. Childline: Information about coronavirus, managing worry, coping with being off school, and links for further mental health support. world/coronavirus/ Mental Health Foundation offer tips to help you, your friends and your family to look after your mental health while you have to stay at home. They suggest viewing this time as a different period of time and not automatically thinking that it is bad. Creating a new daily routine, staying connected to family and friends, and prioritising looking after yourself are key points. Helpful information about how to talk to your children about COVID-19 is provided. coronavirus-outbreak Facebook Family Group - Facebook group with tips, ideas and support for families during lockdown. RESOURCES FOR CARERS Resource with information for parent carers of children with SEND. brighton-hove/ Carers UK: Advice for carers during COVID-19. Mobilise is an organisation providing a daily e-support package through the Corvid-19 crisis. It includes links to key information, updates on how other carers are finding ways of coping, and suggestions for entertainment at home. The service is completely free. Mobilise is running a virtual 'Cuppa' for carers at 4pm. NHS Social Care and Support Guide – tips for carers. 2. The Great Indoors Hand in Hand Parenting: Corona Virus Closed Your School? Try these sanity-saving ideas Activity ideas for kids at home during the COVID 19 pandemic ABCya games: All in One Home School: BBC Bitesize: Beacon House: Obstacle Courses Brain Pop: Cool Math for Kids: Crafts for kids: Crafts For Kids - Tons of Art and Craft Ideas for Kids to Make - Easy Peasy and Fun Draw with Rob Biddulph: #DrawWithRob — Rob Biddulph Duolingo – learning languages app: eLearning for Kids: English Heritage: Kids Rule! Things to make and do Free Kids Crafts: Highlights Kids: Khan Academy: Literactive: Maths Game Time: National Geographic Kids: PBS – games for kids:

Science for Kids: Scholastic – remote learning: _D-FRZbhG_8uUjKY_vhedWzLFVwQwYh3-Q0NMAxljguc Scouts - Seussville – literacy: Splash Learn: Starfall – literacy: Switch Zoo games: Times Tables Rockstars: Travel and Leisure virtual museums galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours Turtle Diary games: Tynker – coding for kids: Unite for Literacy: YouTube (copy and paste these to search in YouTube): P.E. with Joe Try - Crash course kids Science channel Sci show kids Free school Geography focus The brain scoop Kids learning tube Geek girl diaries Mike likes science Science mix Soul pancake

And …

Kids Yoga Mindfulness Documentaries How to videos …

3. Alternative Support

Free NHS Mental Health Apps -

Kooth – online free support service

Samaritans – Call service 116 123 (Available 24/7 for free)

Childline - When you call on 0800 1111 you’ll get through to a counsellor, they’re there to listen and support you with anything you’d like to talk about. Or you can have a 1-2-1 counsellor chat online.

YoungMinds Crisis Messenger: If you are a young person experiencing a mental health crisis you can text YM to 85258 for free 24/7 support.

YoungMinds Helpline for parents – 0808 802 5544 (free)

Additional places for support -

If you are a parent and you have concerns about your child’s mental health, please contact 0203 319 7666 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Please contact the SLP crisis line on 020 3228 5980 Monday to Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday to Sunday 1pm-9pm. For all other times please contact the Oxleas Urgent Advice line on 0800 330 8590. Please also note that support is available via Kooth at

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