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Making yummy healthy meals with your free school meal parce

Shocking images doing the rounds on social media have been calling out catering companies across the UK for "inadequate" free school meal parcels.

But the typical food parcel given to families in Plymouth looks very different, and a lot more healthy and hearty. Now the company providing the parcels has given parents tips on how to make the most of the food.

CATERed Plymouth, a co-operative trading company jointly owned by 67 local schools and Plymouth City Council, is providing "high quality, great tasting and appetising school food" for youngsters.

The team posted on their social media yesterday a photo of a weekly food parcel. The package includes a bottle of semi-skimmed milk, three apples, two bananas, two potatoes, a selection of yoghurts and canned goods, cheese, six eggs and meat.

A spokesperson for Catered Plymouth said: "We've worked together to take the ingredients that we’ve supplied in the Weekly Food Parcel to demonstrate how families can make five lunches from the parcels. "We need to remember that the contents of the weekly food parcel are intended to enable five simple lunches for one child to be made, Monday - Friday, in place of the free school meal they would normally be having in school each lunchtime."

Check out the great recipes under Catering on the Information tab.

The photos of the yummy-looking meals are for one student for five days.

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