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National Careers Week - Where's Waterfield?

Last week saw both National Careers Week and World Book Day so here's a look at a day in the life of a Careers Coordinator (or Where's Waterfield...?)

First thing in the morning I picked up some students in the school electric vehicle. I dropped one to their work experience placement in the coop and stopped to admire the Easter Egg display! I stopped in the shop next door to pick up some lunch before heading back to school where we had a special visitor who got a scratch behind the ears.

In the afternoon, I took a group of students off to the construction of one of the new Mobility Hubs which are popping up across the city as part of the National Careers Week activities where we saw how an electric vehicle charging point is installed. 

We will soon be catching up with our Year 10 students to start looking at their post 16 options - please do contact the school if you have any questions about transition from Brook Green to a new college or training provider. 

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