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National Science Week

Updated: Mar 22

Last week was National Science week. Throughout the week students and staff have been learning about people that are 'Different like Me'. People who have a recognised diagnosis and SEND need, but have still gone on to achieve some amazing things. People such as Max Ash, Hans Christian Anderson, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Naoki Higashida, Stevie Wonder, Divina Galica and James Martin.

11AA had some discussions around the 'Different Like Me' theme. The tutor group is fairly sporty and discussed Lionel Messi who has a diagnosis of Autism. They also discussed David Hill, a GB Paralympian from Devon who most of them met at a Step into Sports camp at the Life Centre.

Mr Dixon and the KS3 LOTC classes researched Chris Packham and watched his 'Asperger's and Me' documentary. 10RD talked about how ASD does not have to be a hindrance to success. They research successful people with diagnoses and how it may have contributed to their success.

KS3 art lessons focused on Malala Yousafzai. They learnt who she was and what she stood up for. Students reflected on the importance of education, the rights of children, equality for girls and women. One student felt Malala had inspired her and that she could overcome anything. Students had a choice of outcomes, a painting with quote or explanation or an illustrated rap/ poem.

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