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Online safety

As we know online safety if important for everyone. Cyber Protection Officer Megan Haldane is hosting a special Online safety session for Women and Girls through Event Bright on Friday 6th October. Use the link below to register if you are interested.

‘Online Safety for Women and Girls’ is an online webinar aimed at educating women on how to keep their personal information secure as a prevention tactic against online abuse or harassment. It is part of a wider piece of work within our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy which, among other activity, looks to empower and educate women and girls.

The session covers staying safe online, managing your personal information, location-tracking enabled apps and tracking devices, and much more on how to recognise any safety concerns online and what to do if you come across them. Although aimed at women and girls’ safety, this session is open to anyone who feels at risk or wants to educate themselves, including parents, professionals, teachers, and young people themselves.

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