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Save Our Seas Anthology

Last term students were given the opportunity to participating in the ‘Save Our Seas’ Anthology writing competition. The students work showed a passion for the environment and an abundance of creativity. Every piece of work submitted was worthy of being included in the showcase but spaces were limited.

However, James, Lucas, Sam and Kiera’s work was chosen to be included in the anthology.

Archie, Ethan, Mika, Harvey Kayla and Thomas received a special thank you for submitting their creative works. Although they weren’t included this time, they will be encouraged to try again next year.

All students were thanked for their participation in the anthology competition, it was a pleasure reading the works of all the talented students who submitted a piece of creative writing or illustration for the anthology.

We anticipate receiving print copies of the anthology later in the summer term, and are happy to send copies to all students whose work has been included.

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