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STEM Day - Albert Einstein

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The gift that started it all .... The Compass

Albert Einstein was gifted a compass when he was a young child and he says this is where his interest started. The Year 11's had a go at making their own compasses.

Understanding bearings and directions using a compass.

Making compasses by understanding magnetic fields.

Working on Levers. Learning about pivots and making your own levers with weights. Bonus: one metal rod can lift a table with 3 adults on it!

Making pretzels in food technology!

Learning about the theory of relativity- Einstein’s classics.

Hookey game: working with their team to win as many points as possible!

Drop the egg challenge with chocolate eggs!

Exploring Creativity (skill of the week) in Art by creating your favourite animal using different recyclable materials.

Our lovely guest speaker Judith Beckman to talk about Judaism and what life of a Jewish is like in Plymouth.

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