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September seems such a longtime ago but both old and new returned to a very different looking Brook Green. Everyone looked amazing and how we had missed those smiling faces. Year 11 and the Cabin had moved upstairs, the Inclusion Centre downstairs and the Staff Lounge had a smart new look at the front of the school and an extra pop up staffroom as well!

Mrs Jordan became the bus monitor with her walkie talkie and made sure we came into school safely everyday and left again with military precision so that there weren’t queues and lots of us in the same place. Mrs Rogers, Paul and Cat had puts lots of visuals reminders everywhere so we were socially distancing.

We learnt to love our Tutor rooms where all our lessons happened except for Computing, Science, Technology and PE. To keep our group sizes smaller for practical lessons we had catch up literacy and numeracy lessons on rotation. Some days we hoped for rain so we didn’t have to go out again and get more fresh air and get more steps in - Mr Stephenson was determined to get out fitness levels back up and it was certainly working.

To help us settle back in we spent more time with our Tutors to begin with before we went back to our usual timetables and our recovery curriculum.

Unfortunately just as we were getting back into the swing of it some of our school community became unwell and we had to close. That didn’t mean we had nothing to do as we had learning packs that helped us keep our learning on track. Our tutors phoned to check we were ok and we were so pleased to be back after half term.

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