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Word of the Week 16th September 2019

Word of the week Higher

Week 1


Learning Objective: To learn how to expand our vocabulary by learning a new word.

Your word is: exemplify

Read the handout sheet to get the meaning of the word.

Now try to spell the word using read/write/cover/write.




Now put the word into two sentences:

1. _______________________________________________________________________


2. ______________________________________________________________________________________


Phonics Focus:

Bended sound fy as in terrify.

Think of other words with the blended ‘fy’ sound at the end of the word and write down 5 more:

1. ______________________

2. ______________________

3. ______________________

4. ______________________

5. ______________________

Word of the week 1 Lower

Week 1 - Lower


Your target: To use the word 6 times across the week in context with what it means within either your spoken words or written words. (We won’t accept you just saying the word 6 times!)

What does example mean? You may have to look this up in a dictionary.

_______________ means _______________



Find some other words that mean example. Find three:

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

3. _______________________________

Phonics Focus:

Short vowel a

Find three other words that have the short vowel a in them

1. Bat or mat

2. _________________________

3. _________________________

4. _________________________

In order to learn the word and use it you will have to use it about 9 times to get used to it.

To get the word to stay in your memory you could try the following:

· Make a small poster with the word and draw a picture or pictures that represents the word.

· Write the word down in your planner and write the meaning next to it.

· Say the word in sentences and try to get the correct meaning of the word.

· Use the word in your writing this week and check that you’ve got the meaning correct. This doesn’t have to be in English, it could be in other lessons where you write like Humanities or Science.

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