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World Book Day 2023

For this year's World Book Day, we celebrated David Attenborough’s ‘Walking with Dinosaurs.’

Students and staff celebrated World Book Day 2023 ‘Dinosaur style’

All lessons were based on the history of Dinosaurs and how they became extinct. These lessons included poetry; fossil making in the Science lab (which was amazing!); the making of delicious short bread biscuits shaped into dinosaurs and dino feet; dinosaurs made of clay; music creating the sounds of Dinosaurs and calculations of the dinosaur footprint.

Our Year 8 students celebrated the day with a visit to Torquay’s Dinosaur World.

Year 8 participated in the Dinosaur Explore Quiz and were awarded the title of Dinosaur Experts!

Year 11 and Year 9 had an amazing time creating fossils by melting wax and printing footprints from Dinosaur figures in our spectacular science lab with our two spectacular Science teachers, Mr Weber, and Mr Marshall.

Year 9 created their own ceramic tiles with an imprint of a Dinosaur.

Year 7 cooked some delicious short bread biscuits in the shape of Dinosaurs.

Others sat with Dino and read to Mrs Moore.

Key Stage 4 students studied with Mr Walters in the Maths department and measured graphs of Dinosaur feet and estimated how big they were.

Year 9 had lessons where they assembled body parts that made dinosaurs.

Year 11’s created music sounds with Mr Dubiel.

Year 10’s ventured out down the woods looking for Dinosaur prints.

What an imagination, you all have!!!

What have you found?

Key Stage 4 Poetry

If Humans were to become extinct.

There’s something falling

What is it?

It’s big.... it’s a big rock


It crashed nearby and I'm scared

My pack, they are now gone, and the sun has gone.

It’s not raining, is it?

The clouds smell of charcoal and ash

It hurts to breathe.

Maybe if I find a cave, I.....

I can rest in there maybe...

Somewhere, somewhere below a tree I...

I think I am going to rest under the tree.

By Jay- Kay

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