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Plymouth City Patriots Clinic

A group of 17 Brook Green students accompanied by 5 Brook Green Staff attended the Plymouth City Patriots Clinic at Plymouth Pavilions on Sunday 19/03/2023.

The Students and Staff had an amazing day from start to finish, they firstly trained with Plymouth City Patriots community coaches, displaying skill and team work.

Followed by a meet and greet with the Players with a question and answer session. The players were amazing with our students and really took the time getting to know them as individuals.

The afternoon’s action tipped off in Plymouth where Plymouth started the game well. Unfortunately, it was not to be the final score was Cheshire 90 Patriots 67.

Brook Green identified Jukes- Dang – Akodo as player of the match.

All students were a credit to the school and their selves, their manners and appreciation were impeccable throughout the day.

Brook Green have scheduled in another whole day with Plymouth City Patriots on Sunday 23/04/2023.

Any interest for the next game contact Ali / Maria at Brook Green.

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