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Phoenix Project March 11th – 15th 2019

Ten students from Brook Green took part in the phoenix project where they engaged in a range of team building activities.

They were supported by Mr Glanville of Brook Green who encouraged and supported them through the week.

The activity days enforce team-building skills around activities designed to support and promote students understanding of how to apply learning outcomes.

The activities were physically and mentally demanding, all students participated in all exercises. The activities included squad drills, hose running, and use of breathing apparatus, road traffic drills and team building exercises. Uniform and other safety wear were provided for these activities. At the end of the five day course there was a Passing Out ceremony to which family and friends were invited.

The Students completed a demonstration displaying their newly acquired skills.

Liam B won the overall recruit. Parents and school staff where invited.

All would love to do it again next year a great success.

All Students were a credit to themselves as well as the School, Parents and Carers.

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